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Plique-a-jour Collage- Vaibhav Dhadda
Plique-a-jour Collage For Mobile- Vaibhav Dhadda

We possess the know-how on a very special vitreous enamel technique – Plique-à-jour (French for “letting in daylight”). If you have a jewelry store and are looking for a truly exclusive addition to your collection, we look forward to working with you – wherever you are in the world!

In this, the transparent enamel is applied on 18K Gold cells, but with no backing creating the effect of a stained glass window. It is a very delicate and time consuming process. An extremely high quality glass granules are used to obtain the desired enamel color without any impurities. We have a variety of enamel color options for you to choose from.

Our site features only a selection of highlights from our inventory. Please contact us to view more designs or to create a piece that meets your exact specifications.